A Room with a View / Hong Kong

hong kong sheung wan

The dense urban jungle known as Hong Kong can be very overwhelming, especially at first. The city’s streets are alive with every possible sound, sight and scent. When that inevitable culture shock strikes, it’s best to have an escape plan. My favorite escape in HK is a room with a view at 99 Bonham – one of my favorite hotels ever, located in the lively Sheung Wan neighborhood.

hong kong 99 bonham

After a long day of exploring the vast metropolis below, the room at 99 Bonham was a sanctuary for me. High above the bustling streets of the city everything felt different, calm, safe. Every day I would slap my iPhone into the dock on the incredible speakers and listen to my favorite music on repeat, all the while peaking down at the city beneath or looking up into the clear blue skies.

hong kong 99 bonham

With a view like this, spying on residents of the neighboring buildings is a fantastic pastime!

hong kong 99 bonham rooftop

99 Bonham has an amazing rooftop, offering some of the most astonishing views over Hong Kong

hong kong rooftop

hong kong 99 bonhamhong kong 99 bonham


The rooms at 99 Bonham are not the largest, but every inch is utilized smartly and packed with a determinedly decadent luxury. It’s all about floor-to-ceiling windows, reflective surfaces, marble and chrome and mirrored doors.

It sort of feels like you’re inside a commercial for a trashy-classy Italian perfume, in the best possible way.

hong kong sunset

The hotel’s rooftop offers amazing views during sunset and even more amazing views after dark

hong kong at night



  1. Jackie

    Now that is a room with one amazing view!


  2. heepang

    wow! The best hotel i’ve ever seen!! so I wonder that Room name of the hotel where you stayed. and that floor ! 🙂 thank you and have a nice day!


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