Comino: Enter the Blue Lagoon

yachting malta

Malta, the rocky Mediterranean island nation, is in fact a set of several islands. Comino is only a short sea voyage away from the main island, but it feels like a whole other world. When approaching the island of Comino, the blue sea begins showing shades of green, bit by bit, more and more, and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by the clearest and most beautiful turquoise water you’ve ever seen. You’re in the Blue Lagoon.

comino malta

comino blue lagoon malta

Comino currently has a population of four people, so you shouldn’t really expect a lively party island unless there happens to be a party boat visiting the same cove you are. The mesmerizingly beautiful Blue Lagoon is enough to keep you busy for an entire day, but if you find yourself hoping for a change of scenery at some point you can try some of the fantastic hiking routes on the island. There are wonderful views over the Blue Lagoon and to the neighboring island of Gozo (also a part of Malta) from these paths.

comino blue lagoon malta

comino blue lagoon malta

comino blue lagoon malta

If you feel like you’ve seen all this before, it might be because Comino is a movie star. Brad Pitt filmed the atrociously boring Troy here, and Madonna filmed the similarly boring shipwreck romance Swept Away on the island as well. You can’t really blame Hollywood for using Comino as a setting for these films – it’s so incredibly beautiful that it’s almost difficult to believe it’s all real. The place has a movie magic feel to it.

yachting malta blue lagoon

comino malta caves

The northern side of the island is full of massive caves, easy to visit even on a bigger boat

malta comino aerial view

The clear turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon are clearly visible even from a plane


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