Makarska Riviera

Makarska Rivijera is the unofficial nickname of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. This riviera, located between the popular destinations Split and Dubrovnik, is home to some of the country’s loveliest beaches and villages.

With the ocean on one side, shimmering like a turquoise jewel, and the lush green pine forests and imposing mountains on the other, you’ll never run dry of activities or sights on the Makarska Riviera. The best thing to do here, though, is to relax… and enjoy.

The resort town of Tučepi is very popular among tourists, with its beaches sometimes overflowing…

…but luckily the coastline also has several great spots for a more calming and quiet experience!

Dubrovnik is a beautiful fortress town at the southern edge of Croatia, famous for its old town, and very popular with visitors. The town can get very busy, especially during the summer season, but is still definitely worth a visit. Other cool villages to visit include Brela and Podgora.

The town of Makarska is the unofficial capital and heart of the Makarska Rivijera

Split is the largest and most cosmopolitan city on the Croatian coastline. Here you’ll find endless possibilities for shopping, dining and partying. It’s dangerously easy to end up at an afterparty of an afterparty and find yourself skinnydipping with strangers during sunrise. Trust me, I know.


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