The Gardens at Musée Christian Dior

The Musée Christian Dior is a wonderful museum – and former home of the famed fashion designer – honoring the art of fashion beautifully. The museum also has a lovely rose garden and salon de thé, which open to some incredibly beautiful ocean views.

It’s all very nice, but it was never my intention to go there.

It was the third day of my road trip in Normandy, and the third day of consistent rainfall. I was getting tired of walking around with wet shoes and an umbrella, and I quickly began checking weather forecasts for nearby villages, searching for any signs of possible sunshine.

I found what I was looking for, 186 kilometres to the west, in Granville. The next morning we drove for two hours under constant rain, afraid we wouldn’t be able to escape it. But as soon as we made it to Granville and the Dior museum, the sky opened up and the weather was beautiful for the rest of the day.

My original hopes of a few rays of sunshine and possibly a nice instagram picture were met and surpassed, with the lovely museum and its gardens being one of the highlights of my entire trip.


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