A Taste of Mexico

tacos taqueria tijuana mexico

Mexico has a very rich culture, especially when it comes to cuisine. The food is vibrant, colorful and delicious. It’s also surprisingly varied, and split by region.

My first taste of Mexico came in Baja California, at the northwestern edge of the country, in a state that has never really been famous for its fine foods. The most famous Baja dish is decidedly still the Caesar salad, which according to legend was invented in Tijuana in the 1920s.


Tijuana and all of Baja California have risen high above their humble beginnings, nowadays offering an amazing variety of delicious Mexican food, as well as the beloved Baja Med cuisine. A lot of the dishes concentrate on fresh seafood, but meat dishes are also plentiful.

dsc_02456dsc_01963tacos tijuana mexicomargaritas mexico tijuana

It may be touristy af, but a well made margarita is still incredibly delicious

dsc_02613corona mexico

Cheap beer and nachos are no culinary delight, but they are pure happiness

tostilocos tijuana mexico

pasaje rodriguez tijuana mexico

tequila tijuana mexico

tijuana mexico

tijuana mexicotacos guanajuato tijuana mexico

Tacos are the #1 street food in Tijuana – always available and always delicious!


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