Sunset in Montmartre

I’m not a man of few words. Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of meeting me, or reading anything written by me, will know that I love to talk. Still, I know when to shut up. I know when my words are not enough.

Montmartre is one of those places, beautiful enough to make my words obsolete. It’s the Paris everyone imagines but so rarely finds, of small cafés and cobblestone streets, of outdoor bistros serving escargot and street musicians playing chansons, of dusty book stores and colorful graffiti and cheap wine and those dainty little Parisian balconies.

Nowadays the neighborhood is almost always filled with tourists, making the trek up towards Sacre Coeur, but the heart of Montmartre remains. This is still the Paris of artists and poets, of drunkards and musicians.

This is still Paris.

Street musicians delight onlookers on a warm summer evening in Montmartre

Montmartre’s numerous outdoor terraces fill up on sunny afternoons and stay filled late into the night

Friendly advise from a street sign in Montmartre

The views from Montmartre are the best in Paris

Montmartre is one of the best spots in Paris for a sunset picnic or a late night dinner


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