I didn’t really know what to expect of Normandy before I arrived at the French region’s rocky shores. I knew they were famous for lots of delicious things, like apples and apple cider and apple tarts… Well, mostly the apples, then. But what else is there?

I began my foray into Normandian life in Étretat, a sleepy little village on the northern coast of France.

I was met with constant rain, dense fog and empty streets. The whole village seemed almost entirely deserted, with most of the restaurants and shops closed too. This was late May, which I assumed would already be high season for tourism… But I walked the streets alone.

The village of Étretat is perched between two green hills, with beautiful white cliffs dropping into the ocean

Apple cider is the drink of choice in most of Normandy

…and apple tarts and cheese the preferred treats!

I didn’t really mind the somewhat still life of Étretat. Even the rainy weather didn’t bother me much; actually the village and its surrounding hills were beautifully atmospheric in the dense fog.

And besides, I’ve always liked the rain.


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