Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco’s Mission District

mission dolores park san francisco

Cinco de Mayo, like the name suggests for those with even a basic understanding of Spanish, is celebrated on May 5th. It was originally a celebration honoring Mexico’s victory over the French sometime back in the 1860s, but the American version is very different, and much lighter on history.

Basically it’s just another excuse to get daydrunk in a park. Which is exactly up my alley.

mission dolores park sfmission dolores park sfThe Mission District is a great spot to celebrate the Mexican-American holiday, with DJ’s playing in the beautiful Mission Dolores Park from sunrise to sunset, beautiful people dancing with their hands in the air, swaying along with the palm trees surrounding them. Nearby an endless row of food carts is waiting to ply them with some delicious and authentic Mexican food. Not a bad deal at all.

mission district san franciscomission dolores park san francisco

Mission Dolores Park has great views over San Francisco

mission district SF

The best thing about celebrating Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco’s Mission District? The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. The gritty and cool neighborhood is filled with fun bars and restaurants, most of them with some type of outdoor space.

Even if it’s past midnight and already May 6th, you can still party like it’s cinco de mayo!

mission district SFforeign cinema SF


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