Switzerland, Land of Cheese

swiss cheese switzerland

Switzerland is one of my favorite countries for a multitude of reasons, with one of the largest one being the local cuisine. To be more exact, the local cheese.

Sure, the country may be better known for its lovely chocolates, beautiful valleys and rugged Alpine scenery… But the best thing about Switzerland for me is definitely the cheese.

My favorite Swiss cheeses? Here they are:



1. Gruyères

I like to go for the surchoix, meaning the cheese has been ripened for a longer time, developing a strong and distinct aroma. The semi-hard, creamy and nutty cheese can be incredibly rich in flavor. Combine it with some prosciutto and caramelized pear and enjoy one of the best bites you’ll ever taste.

2. Appenzeller

Especially the long-ripened Appenzeller cheeses have a very strong nutty aroma, with a slightly rubbery consistency, perfect for sandwiches or a traditional Swiss fondue.

3. Emmental

A true classic that we’ve all surely tried at least once in our lives.

4. Sennerei Müstair

The crown jewel of the Müstair valley is a soft white cheese with an extremely creamy and slightly sweet palette – delicious with roasted walnuts.

5. Sbrinz

This Swiss cheese is quite similar to the Italian Grana Padano – a hard, ripened cheese with a nutty, slightly spicy and very salty aroma – amazing with pasta or in salads.

6. Renz Limburger

This incredibly nuanced, aromatic and powerful soft Alpine cheese is delicious just as it is, but try it with toasted rye bread and cranberry compote and know what true happiness means. Follow it up with a sip of dry Riesling for the perfect Swiss Alpine experience!


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