Teen Trends in Harajuku

harajuku tokyo

Harajuku is an odd spot in an endlessly odd city. The neighborhood has been a legendary haven of alternative street style for decades, and exploded into the mainstream with some help from Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls.

This is it. The birthplace of Japanese teen trends, where anything goes… when it comes to fashion.

harajuku tokyoharajuku tokyo marimekkoharajuku tokyo condomaniaharajuku tokyo candy

Everything in Harajuku is kawaii – Japanese for “cute”.

harajuku tokyo chicago

Harajuku is most famous for extravagant outfits, not unlike the manga costumes seen on enthusiastic cosplay teens in most cities today, but nowadays the latest trends among Tokyo’s youth seem to lean towards subdued and sporty, and much less colorful than before.

The explosion of color known as Harajuku seems to have become a part of history, at least for now.

harajuku tokyo

The neighborhood and its ridiculously busy Takeshita-dori show no signs of slowing down, though!


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