Lugano: A Little Bit of Italy in Switzerland

lugano switzerland

At first glance, Lugano seems like any other Swiss city. You have the trademark colorful old buildings and narrow streets with chocolate shops and bakeries in every corner and the mountain range gratuitously standing in the distance. But look closely at this city, located in southern Switzerland, just off the border of Italy, and you’ll find there’s actually more of Italia here than the traditional sense of Switzerland.

lugano switzerland

lugano switzerland

Street signs and billboards are all in Italian, the region’s official language

lugano switzerland

lugano switzerland

This region of Switzerland claims Italian as it’s main official language, but it’s more than that. There is a strongly Italian identity and atmosphere wafting on the streets of the city. The way of life is decidedly Italian, unhurried and sometimes loud; in bright opposition to the German-influenced particularity and preciseness of the North.

lugano switzerland

The scenery in Lugano and all around the adjacent lake is amazingly beautiful

lake lugano switzerlandlugano switzerlandlugano switzerland

Lugano is a small town without much activities, but the nearby mountains have fantastic hiking routes, leading to small villages at the edge of the lake. The lake itself is also definitely worthy of exploration – serviced by frequent ferries, it’s easy to hop from one side of the lake to the other. Just don’t expect the ferries to arrive or depart exactly on time, because you’re (almost) in Italy now!

lake lugano switzerland


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  1. hi there! I’m from the area and you are definitely right: there is not many activities, especially for young people. But I swear, in the summer period it’s much better! I like how you described us as swiss italian! Cheers x


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