Ebisu Yokocho: A Hidden World of Flavors

An apartment building just like all the others surrounding it, in a slight state of disrepair, or at the very least showing its age, is perched by a small river on a quiet and non-memorable street at the northeastern edge of Ebisu, one of the seemingly endless districts of Tokyo.

This building may seem like all the others, but it’s so much more. This one houses a wonderful surprise inside. Slide open the wobbly door and enter, into a different world, a hidden secret world – a colorful and lively restaurant alley known as Ebisu Yokocho.

Flame-grilled horse sushi is one of the specialties at Nikuzushi

Ebisu Yokocho has a few handfuls of tiny restaurants, some with only a few seats. They offer all sorts of culinary experiences, from okonomiyaki pancakes to deep fried skewers and steaming hotpots, but probably the most memorable of them all is the meat sushi at Nikuzushi.

I tried some horse sushi, which I loved, and some raw chicken sushi, which I did not love.

Loved every second of the experience, though!


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