A Winter Walk in Finland

winter finlandwinter finland

I can’t feel my face.

It’s been a gentle winter, but these last few days have been ridiculously cold and dark. The frozen snow beneath my feet makes a scrunching sound that brings back unwanted memories from my childhood. I wish there was something else to listen to, anything else, but there are no other sounds. Just the depressingly rhythmic scrunching, and my thoughts, in this cold vacuum. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch.

The sky becomes a darker shade of greyish blue every time I look up. The trees are covered in snow. Everything is covered in snow. I feel like my feet are actually freezing onto the ground; every step takes more effort and determination. But it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m almost there.


One comment

  1. Funny – all those things are things I like. But I live on a tropical country….


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