Shibuya Now

shibuya tokyo

Shibuya is always busy. Day and night, dawn and dusk, there are hordes formed by singular people, all going somewhere in a hurry. The world’s busiest pedestrian crossing is a gloriously organized chaos, disorienting yet somehow logical.

It’s also a great place to start exploring this charmingly hectic neighborhood.

shibuya tokyo japanshibuya tokyo japan

Look past the never-ending noise and you’ll find that Shibuya is home to some great shopping, from the massive 109 department stores to smaller shops on the side alleys. It’s also a great place for lunch or dinner, with one restaurant after another serving up delicious dishes both local and foreign.

shibuya tokyo japan
shibuya tokyo japan

Shibuya is probably at its most beautiful just as dusk sets in and the sky becomes a deep blue

shibuya tokyo japanshibuya tokyo

The city lights form a neon maze 

shibuya tokyo japanshibuya tokyo

…and the crossing never grows tired


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