Monsoon Season in Indonesia

bintan indonesia lagoi beach

It all began so beautifully. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the sugary cocktails were flowing at the beach bar of a small secluded resort on a lush Indonesian island. It was all good.

monsoon season indonesia

Until – just minutes later – this happened.

monsoon season indonesia bintanbintan indonesiabintan indonesia monsoon season

Suddenly the sky was covered in dark clouds. The shiny little umbrella in my cocktail flew away in a gust of wind. It began to drizzle at first, quickly transforming into an angry little rainstorm. I wasn’t too worried, having had my fair share of tropical storms. It’ll pass in a few minutes, I thought. But it didn’t.

The wind was done with the little cocktail umbrellas and pretty much picking up palm trees with it just as someone finally told me that it is in fact monsoon season in the area. I have to admit, there were a few seconds right then and there when I was really bummed. And then I got over it.

bintan indonesia

Yeah, it wasn’t gonna be the sunny paradise I was expecting, but it was still beautiful.

And besides, I’ve always loved the rain.

bintan indonesia


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