A Rainy Day in London


I wake up feeling as if I couldn’t have slept much more than a minute or two. My mouth is as dry as a desert, and there’s a strange person next to me. I’m not quite sure where I am, but luckily I’m at least wearing some clothes. I quickly grab my shoes and head out the door, trying to find some kind of landmark to help place myself on the map.

london shard rainy day

The Shard, or whatever bits I can see of it in the middle of a dense fog.

london thames

Alright, I can work with this. I take a quick walk of shame through Borough Market and chug down a huge bottle of sparkling water by the Thames. I’m still thirsty, and my hangover is only getting worse by the minute. Well, at least it’s not raining anymore.

london tate modern

It begins to rain.

I slip into the Tate Modern, but only for the free wifi. I text my friends to tell them I’ll be extremely late to the brunch that already started an hour before my message. They don’t seem surprised.

london thames

As the rain winds down for a bit, I head out and walk along the Thames. The air still smells of rain and wet asphalt. People are poking me with their umbrellas, but I’m too tired to dodge them or even mind.

london gabriel's wharflondon thames

London has its fair share of rainy days. Enough, in fact, that they’ve come up with endless ways to escape the gloom. Today I prefer to embrace it. Reveling in the damp mid-morning, I walk past the Southbank Skatepark and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, suddenly ending up with a lovely view of Westminster Abbey.

londonlondon globelondon big ben

A walk of shame with a view


I start heading north towards Chinatown, with fried dumplings calling to me like sirens.


After a quick snack I wander around the quiet streets, struggling to remember what happened the night before. I remember bright lights. I remember a gin & tonic. No, a dozen gin & tonics. And some shots.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.


Soon the bleak air actually begins to help clear my head, and I almost feel like a human being again.


The first thought I had this morning was Why did I drink so much last night and the second was I never want to drink again, but suddenly I feel like a mimosa might do me good. I finally make it to my friend’s house, hours late, and begin the circle of life again with a fresh drink in hand.

Because people never learn from their mistakes.

londonlondon after dark


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