Beautiful Brussels

brussels belgium mont des arts

Brussels has something of a bad reputation, mostly for being a grey and gloomy city of European bureaucrats and politicians, running around in a never-ending rain while wearing ill-fitting suits and carrying small leather briefcases around.

brussels belgiumbrussels belgiumbrussels belgium
brussels belgiumIn reality the European capital, of course, is so much more than that.

The historic yet youthful city has a very distinct atmosphere to it. There’s life in these streets.

brussels belgiumbrussels belgium

The narrow streets of the city center make for a quintessentially European view

brussels belgiumbelgian frites belgium for foodies

Brussels is also a great place for food lovers. Belgium is known for its chocolates, beers and cheeses, but the fun doesn’t end there. They also have some amazing frites – double fried potatoes.

And mussels in Brussels isn’t just a funny rhyme, it’s one of my favorite dishes!

belgian waffles brussels belgiumbelgian waffles belgium

Don’t forget about Belgian waffles!

brussels belgiumanneessens brussels belgium

The charming Anneessens is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brussels – with the best outdoor cafés in town!

brussels belgiumbookstore brussels belgium

Belgium is also the birthplace of many legendary comic books, and that legacy is clearly visible in the city

anneessens brussels belgiumbrussels belgium

The majestic Grand Place has some amazing architecture (and hordes of tourists)

brussels belgium

The Royal Palace is an impressive sight – one of many in this beautiful city

brussels belgiumbrussels belgium


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