Asakusa After Dark

asakusa tokyo

I love those moments just before dark, when the sky turns into a greyish blue canvas and the air seems to still itself just slightly. This is one of those moments.

The always busy Nakamise-dori doesn’t disappoint, with people pushing and shoving from every direction. There’s a slight drizzle, so swooping from side to side avoiding people’s huge umbrellas becomes an excruciating but necessary hobby. I hate it but I love it.

asakusa tokyoasakusa senso-ji tokyo

Asakusa is home to one of the most legendary sights in all of Tokyo, the Senso-ji temple. It seems to always be crowded, day and night, but somehow the cultural shock of these strange surroundings soothe my nerves enough to not notice or care about the throngs of other tourists flocking to the temple.

asakusa sensoji tokyo

asakusa sensojiasakusa sensoji tokyoasakusa sensoji tokyoasakusa tokyoasakusa tokyo

Luckily there’s more to Asakusa than the temple. For each pushy tourist there’s a quiet side street with just one person quietly walking towards an unknown destination. Some side streets are decidedly busier, but there’s nothing like the insanity surrounding the temple here. There are also some great dinner spots scattered around the neighborhood.

asakusa tokyoasakusa tokyo nightasakusa don quijote tokyo

The 24/7 megastore Don Quijote is a weird and wonderful way to waste an hour or two

asakusa tokyo nightasakusa tokyoasakusa tokyo nightasakusa tokyo nightasakusa tokyo night


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