Staying at a Traditional Japanese Ryokan

yanesen tokyo

The urban landscape of Tokyo has a very specific look of retro-futurism. Everything seems somehow foreign and futuristic, but simultaneously outdated. Outside of the city’s shrines and temples, though, it’s not easy to find something traditional in the city.

japanese ryokan tokyo

Staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan is a great way to experience a local tradition. The rooms are fitted with tatami mats and usually feature floor pillows for seating and futon mattresses for beds. The maximally minimalistic Japanese architecture is very soothing, and ryokan rooms can be a great place to unwind after a long day of constant sensory irritation in the city’s concrete and neon jungles.

ryokan katsutaro tokyo

Japanese matcha tea is the perfect accompaniment for a relaxed moment at a ryokan!

matcha japanese ryokanmatcha tea japanese ryokanjapanese ryokan tokyo


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