Snowed In: Winter in Finland

winter finlandwinter finland

I’m not a winter person. Never have been and most probably never will be. I just don’t enjoy the freezing cold, the endless hours of darkness, or the frozen snow crunching beneath my feet.

I know, I know, what am I doing living in Finland?

winter finland raumawinter finland rauma

I have to admit, winter in Finland can be beautiful sometimes. As long as I’m safely indoors and looking out at the snowy winter scene, I’m good. It’s the going out into the snow that proves to be a problem for me.

At the moment there are massive piles of snow on the ground, and there’s more coming down every second in a seemingly endless deluge of white. It’s pretty, but I’m definitely gonna try to stay inside for a few days…

ice swimming finland winterwinter finlandwinter finland ice swimming

…unless I lose my mind and decide to go ice-swimming!

winter finlandfinland winter



  1. Haha maybe I should dare you to ice swimming this winter! It’s my personal winter challenge to try it before winter ends👍👍


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