Israel for Foodies

jaffa view tel avivisrael for foodies tel aviv brunch

I could easily think of a thousand reasons to visit Israel, but one of the main attractions for me will always be the incredibly diverse and rich culture of food they have. From fine dining to relaxed bistros, the restaurants in Tel Aviv easily satisfy every taste. That’s not the end of the culinary adventure, though…

Street food is a particular strength of the country. You can find anything from delicious shawarma and tasty falafel to freshly baked baklava and juicy exotic fruit in the street stalls and markets.

And don’t forget about the hummus!

tel aviv carmel markettel aviv israeljaffa israeljaffa israel food
falafel israel for foodiestel aviv

tel aviv beach israel

Tel Aviv’s coastline is perfect for a relaxing rest after trying some local delicacies

shakshuka israel for foodies

You can’t go to Israel without trying some shakshuka – eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce

tel aviv marketshawarma israel for foodies
bagels carmel market tel aviv
tel aviv israel baklava
tel aviv beach bartel aviv hummusjerusalem israel


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