Walks Along the Thames


I’ve always been drawn to waterways. There’s a specific kind of safety in knowing I could just sail away whenever I want. I’m a coastal kid, never at ease inland. And yet, somehow one of my favorite spots in the whole world – London – just happens to be located far from any coast. Thank the deities for the Thames.

dsc_07061london thameslondon thames

The majestic river cutting through the city brings that specific sense of nautical safety into London, and offers some of the most beautiful walks in town. There’s nothing like a leisurely stroll on the banks of the Thames on a sunny Sunday. You’ll come across talented street musicians and extremely annoying street performers, people from all walks of life, some incredible architecture both old and new, as well as an endless list of activities and pit stops.

thames london big bendsc_0697dsc_06992dsc_0718

Tate Modern is one of my favorite pit stops – for the wonderful modern art, and for the free wifi!


The Southbank Book Market is a treasure trove for bibliophiles


If your feet get tired, just stop at a waterfront restaurant for some fish & chips, or head to nearby Borough Market for some incredible street food offerings. If you’re not hungry, just sit still and take in the views.



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