Visiting Valletta

valletta malta

Valletta doesn’t feel like a capital city. The tiny walled city surrounded by Mediterranean waters is in fact the capital of Malta, but it seems surprisingly sleepy, even compared to the average suburb.

“A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen” it’s called, so naturally I had to visit.

valletta maltavalletta malta

The entire city seems like a living museum, with a timeless atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Behind each corner awaits another historical building, an opulent palace or a grand church. To your right is a religious statue and to your left a coat of arms above a small fountain. The narrow streets are actually known to harbor some of Europe’s finest art works.

valletta maltavalletta malta

The Saluting Battery is a grand reminder of the island nation’s military history

valletta maltavalletta malta

Some streets in Valletta provide quite a climb

valletta maltavalletta malta

British influence is very strong in Valletta, visible for example in the red phone booths all around

valletta maltavalletta malta

Valletta is full of hidden secrets – you just might need to get lost in order to find them!

valletta maltavalletta malta



  1. We are flying there tomorrow for the second time this year


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