Ciovo – Croatia’s Best Kept Secret

ciovo croatia trogir

Croatia has become one of the most popular summer destinations in all of Europe, and as wonderful as it can be to a country, mass tourism has its dark side. Sleepy fishing villages and charming small towns become gaudy palaces of obscene commercialisation, all filled with much of the same, all copies of each other.

Luckily Croatia still has several treasures largely undiscovered by tourists, offering a glimpse into the authentic way of local life. The island of Ciovo is one of those spots.

ciovo croatiaciovo croatiaciovo croatiaCiovo might not be the traditional picture of a paradise island with white sandy beaches and palm trees, but there is a rugged beauty to the rural region.

The island only has a few small grocery stores, restaurants and bars and a handful of small hotels and inns. There are a few beaches with activities, but most of the island’s coastline is rocky.

Hiking around the island offers fantastic views of the surrounding area, from the mountains on the mainland to grapes ripening on vines in the hills.

ciovo croatia vineyard
ciovo croatiaciovo croatia

A typical “beach” in Ciovo

hotel vila tina ciovo croatiahotel vila tina croatia ciovociovo croatiaciovo croatiaciovo croatia trogir

The village of Arbanija is connected to the nearby town of Trogir by a frequent ferry service, giving you a chance to hit up one of the prettiest spots in the country and see some wonderful views on the way!

sailing croatia trogirsailing croatiasailing trogir croatia



  1. Did you visit the Diskoteka? 😛


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