Long Island City

long island city

Long Island City recently became my favorite neighborhood in a city full with favorites. Sure, having one of my best friends calling it home now, and showing me around all the nicest spots might have had something to do with it. But enjoying Long Island City is an inevitability; the place just has an infectiously happy atmosphere that sticks with you long after you’ve left.

long island citylong island city manhattan viewlong island city

Gantry Plaza State Park has some great views over the East River, towards Manhattan

long island city new yorklong island citylong island city

To be honest, Manhattan’s skyline always has a strong presence on the streets of Long Island City

long island citylong island citylong island city

Yet the neighborhood has a distinct identity and atmosphere, fully removed from hectic Manhattan

long island citylong island city nyclong island city nyc subway

Long Island City is only one subway stop away from Manhattan, so it’s still close to everything

new york subwaylong island city
long island city nycPS1 MoMa warm up party

The Museum of Modern Art’s annex, MoMa PS1, is a must-visit spot, especially during the summer!

new york marathon long island citynew york marathon long island city

November’s New York City Marathon is a big event in Long Island City

long island citymanhattan view lic

Somehow sunsets seem even more beautiful when you’re looking at them from Long Island City

manhattan skylinemanhattan skyline sunsetlong island city dusklong island city dusk


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