Breakfast in Singapore

singapore kaya toast

Breakfast in Singapore is a somewhat loose concept. Pretty much anything served in the morning can be called breakfast, and you shouldn’t expect weird looks even if you have a big bowl of noodles and prawns for your first meal.

Still, there are some common choices for breakfast among the locals. Nasi lemak and rice porridge are very popular options, but the true national breakfast is kaya toast. This cultural treasure is deceptively simple: coconut jam and generous slabs of butter on crispy toast, usually served with soft boiled eggs drenched in white pepper and soy sace. And don’t forget coffee with sweet condensed milk!

tong ah eating house singapore

Tong Ah Eating House (35 Keong Saik Road) is one of the most popular spots for an authentic traditional breakfast in the city. There are three options for a breakfast set, the most popular naturally being kaya toast. The restaurant opens before sunrise.

singapore chinatown

And now you’re ready for a sunny day in Singapore!


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