Yachting in Mykonos

mykonos greecemykonos yachting

Mykonos is like a promised land for spontaneous adventures, the entire island brimming with fantastic experiences for every imaginable taste. Still, the island is undeniably best experienced by leaving it.

Yachting around the island gives you a brand new perspective and some wonderful views. And a day spent under the sun, surrounded by the sea, filled with champagne and wine… is never a bad day!

yachting mykonos greeceyachting mykonos greece

That’s exactly what I did when I visited the Greek island with a group of friends. We rented out a boat (stocked with a full free-flowing bar) and set sail around the island, enjoying the sun and sea.

mykonos yachtingyachting mykonos

Yachting is a very popular pastime in Mykonos

mykonos yachtingmykonos paradise beach

You can get a great glimpse of the legendary beaches from sea

mykonos sailingmykonos seafoodmykonos baked feta

Greek food is best when enjoyed under the sun, and with copious amounts of wine!

sailing mykonosyachting mykonos

The ocean around the island seems to constantly change color, going from deep blue to turquoise or green

yachting mykonosyachting mykonos
mykonos sailingmykonos greecemykonos greece

By the end of the day I was so overflowing with wine that I wasn’t so much jumping off the boat as I was falling off it, but swimming in the clear waters was great fun nevertheless.

This was definitely one of the best days of my life.

mykonos sailing


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