Monastiraki, Athens

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

Monastiraki is an incredibly vibrant and colorful neighborhood filled with beautiful street art, great restaurants and cafés and endless shops and outdoor markets. It’s a beautiful jewel in the middle of a city that has never really been known for its beauty.

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki street art athens

The hip neighborhood’s colorful street art makes it a photographer’s dream

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

Monastiraki’s numerous flea markets are true treasure troves

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

The neighborhood’s narrow alleys can be a maze, but they usually lead to beautiful lively squares

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

Monastiraki also has some great restaurants serving authentic Greek cuisine

baklava athens

…and don’t forget to try some baklava!

acropolis athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

Some of the city’s most legendary sights – including Mount Acropolis – are just a few steps away!

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensspinach pie athens

Monastiraki is a great place to try some traditional street food

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athensmonastiraki athens market

Monastiraki also has a bazaar area with endless shops hawking everything from shoes to souvenirs

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

monastiraki athensmonastiraki athens

monastiraki athens


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