Sailing Into Trogir

trogir croatia sailing

I’ve been traveling for far too long before I ever reach my final destination, making my way painfully slowly from the neighboring Montenegro to Croatia‘s beautiful riviera and the idyllic small town of Trogir. After 12 hours on a bus that was decades older than me, and naturally had no functioning air conditioning during the hottest days of the summer, I never want to step foot in another incubator of bad fortune called a bus again. Luckily Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is at it’s best when explored by boat. Boats I can do. They rarely smell of cheese and feet as much as that ancient bus, my number one enemy in this world.

sailing croatia

After trying times like these, there’s really nothing better than being surrounded by water, feeling the fresh ocean breeze on your face and watching the sun glisten on the surface of the sea. Best case scenario, the boat will also have some wine.

trogir croatia

trogir promenade croatia

Trogir’s beautiful promenade is perfect for a sunny stroll ashore

trogir croatia

trogir clocktower croatia

The views from Trogir’s old Clock Tower are amazing

trogir croatia

More about the beautiful Trogir here

sailing trogir croatia

sailing trogir croatia

The last time I saw Trogir

ciovo croatia trogir

sailing croatia

Fun under the sun – it’s guaranteed to happen in Croatia


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