Halloween in New York

halloween parade nyc

Halloween is by far the best of any and all holidays – who doesn’t like candy and costume parties?

It was never really a big deal while I was growing up in Finland, although lately it has really been gaining momentum and spreading all around, with jackolanterns popping up all over my neighborhood in Helsinki. Still, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much Halloween candy as a kid that I have to go overboard with Halloween nowadays. And this year I did so in my favorite Halloween city.

halloween decoration nyc

New York City is one of the best places to spend this fantastically spooky holiday, with the city pulsing with endless options: there’s everything from haunted houses to parades and big parties to traditional trick or treating. The city is also a great place to see some fantastic Halloween decorations.

halloween decoration nyc

Some cutesy…

halloween decoration nyc

…and some terrifying.

halloween cupcakes nychalloween jackolanternhalloween partyhalloween costumes subway nyc

sexy halloween costume nyc

My sexy Halloween costume

This year I wanted to go as something both sexy and topical, so I chose to dress up as Wilson, the volleyball from Cast Away. You know, that Tom Hanks movie that came out 16 years ago. My costume was a huge hit, with everyone running up to me in the streets yelling Wilsooooon!

I went to a great costume party and made lots of new friends, mingling with everyone from an angel to Frida Kahlo to Uma Thurman’s character from Pulp Fiction. Still, the highlight of my Halloween had to be the West Village Halloween Parade.

halloween parade west villagehalloween parade west village nyc

New York City’s Halloween Parade draws thousands of people out into the streets to admire the procession of spooky, fun and weird costumes walking through the streets. The parade also has several floats with live bands entertaining the massive crowds with music. And it doesn’t hurt to fill up your pockets with some candy (or your flask with some whiskey)!

halloween parade nychalloween parade nychalloween parade david bowie

David Bowie made an appearance at this year’s Halloween parade

halloween paradehalloween parade nychalloween parade nyc

The parade is basically just a huge party on the streets of New York

halloween parade nychalloween decorations nyc


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