London’s Borough Market

london borough market

London has an abundance of great outdoor markets, with nearly every neighborhood having their own popular market. They all have their unique charms, but Borough Market is definitely my favorite of them all, and has been for the last ten years.

The compact and lively market, located just off the Thames by the legendary London Bridge, is filled with sounds and scents and a bevy of tasty treats. There’s something for everyone: burgers, oysters, soups and stews, cakes and cheese. It’s a paradise for anyone who identifies as a true foodie.

london borough marketlondon borough market

It’s not all about food – you can also drink yourself happy at Borough Market!

london borough marketlondon borough marketlondon borough market

One of the best parts of Borough Market is the charmingly laid-back atmosphere

oysters borough marketlondon borough market

The surrounding neighborhood is also full of fantastic treasures!

london borough market



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