Reposaari: Finland’s Rocky West Coast

reposaari finland

Reposaari is a small island just off the Western coast of Finland. The island is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge, and it’s relatively close to the city of Pori and the popular beach dunes in Yyteri.

The island, whose name loosely translates to Fox Island, is not really a popular tourist attraction. I’ve only found my way there because my family has a summer house there. In fact, I would venture a guess that most Finnish people living in the region don’t even know about the island. But maybe they should…

reposaari finland

reposaari finland

Reposaari may not have any obvious tourist attractions, but there are a lot of wonderful things to explore: thick forest areas rich with blueberries and lingonberries, winding fields with wildflowers, and a mysterious black lake with water lilies floating on the surface. It’s all like something out of a Famous Five novel.

reposaari finland

reposaari finland

My room at the summer house has the prettiest floor

reposaari finland

Reposaari has endless rows of colorful wooden houses

reposaari finland

The biggest draw for Reposaari is definitely the beautiful rocky coastline of the island. London Rocks, at the southern edge of the island, are perfect for a sunny summer day. The region is also perfect for some boating!

reposaari finland


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