Wild Nights in Mykonos

skandinavian bar mykonos

Mykonos is insane. The entire island is like a never-ending odyssey, masquerading as a party, flowing through the tavernas, the bars and the clubs, even spilling out onto the beaches and boats offshore. It’s inescapable.

If you’re in Mykonos, you’re going to party.

mykonos nightsmykonos night

These pictures quite aptly capture my most clearheaded memories of Mykonos

mykonos windmills nightmykonos nightsmykonos nightlife ornos

mykonos nightlife greek weddingmykonos nightlife greek wedding

One night, joined by a group of my best friends, I accidentally stumbled upon a greek wedding on Ornos Beach. Some people in our group were hesitant to join the party at first, but after a few bottles of ouzo and some encouragement from people actually invited to the party, we joined in on the fun and dancing.

If you can’t find a Greek wedding, just head to any of the endless bars and clubs, mostly in the main town of Chora. All you need to do is climb up on a podium, swirl around a pole and you’re sure to make some friends!

mykonos nightlifemykonos nightlife

mykonos nightlifemykonos sunrisemykonos pool partymykonos beach party

The party definitely doesn’t stop when the sun comes up!


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