jaffa israel

Jaffa is smothered in the stifling heat of the Mediterranean sun, as it has been for thousands of years. The area is said to have been inhabited for 10 000 years, and you really can feel the rich history of the region in the town’s narrow alleys.

It feels somehow completely detached of time itself, standing by the sea like an ageless fortress of stone. It’s not just a museum, though – once you look close, you can see that the ancient town is still very much alive.

jaffa israeljaffa israel

Jaffa offers a perfect window into the authentic lives of locals

jaffa tel avivjaffa israel

Jaffa is also a great place to try some delicious food!

jaffa israeljaffa israel food
jaffa israeljaffa israel

jaffa israel

The ancient town has been embraced by local hipsters, making it a very lively neighborhood to explore

tel aviv beach jaffa

The beautiful beaches are never far when you are in Jaffa

jaffa view tel aviv

…and neither is Tel Aviv’s city beat!

tel aviv sunset


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