Downtown Las Vegas

downtown las vegas

Most people only think of Vegas as the Las Vegas Strip, that row of casino-hotels and flashy neon signs, each one gaudier than the next. It’s no surprise, really – what other city gives you the opportunity to visit Egypt (The Luxor), then hit the Brooklyn Bridge (New York, New York) before walking to Paris and finishing off your day in Rome or a gondola ride in Venice?

There is more to Vegas than the Strip, though. More than the casinos and their recycled experiences. You just have to wander off the Strip, and head down, Downtown.

downtown las vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has gotten a great facelift in recent years, going from a shabby ghetto into a somewhat less shabby ghetto. Neon signs way past their prime are still advertising 99¢ margaritas and deep fried twinkies. The Golden Nugget still has a water slide that goes through a shark tank. Ladies way past their prime are dressed head to toe in feathers and passing out flyers for topless parties on Fremont Street. And yet, change is in the air. Nothing is forever.

downtown las vegas fremont east

las vegas fremont experience

Fremont Street Experience is one of the modern innovations of the booming Downtown area, enticing more and more people away from the flashy new casinos. You can zipline your way through the street high above the crowds or just join the crowds below and explore the ridiculousness that is Las Vegas. Another highlight of the area is the Neon Museum.

las vegas fremont experience

las vegas

Las Vegas has a very unique culinary culture
fatburger las vegasheart attack grill las vegas

downtown las vegas

All roads lead to nowhere in Vegas


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