Chora, Mykonos

mykonos chora

Mykonos is probably best known for being one of the wildest party islands in the world, but the Greek beauty has something else to boast about as well – one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean.

mykonos choramykonos choramykonos chora

Chora is essentially a maze of charming narrow alleys lined by chalky white buildings with bright colorful doors and window frames. Some areas of the small town obviously cater to high-class clientele, with wonderful shopping opportunities and several interesting galleries and restaurants. Other areas are more laid-back and sometimes even very touristy. All of it is very beautiful.

mykonos choramykonos choramykonos greece

While most streets are crowded with people, it’s always easy to find a quiet alley for a photo op in Chora

mykonos choramykonos foodmykonos tavern chora

The street scene in Chora is very lively and very Greek

mykonos choramykonos chora
mykonos greece

Dogs are often much nicer than people

mykonos chora

mykonos chora
mykonos choramykonos chora
mykonos choramykonos choramykonos windmills

Little Venice and the nearby windmills are probably the most photographed spot in Chora

little venice mykonosmykonos choramykonos chora

Mykonos can get quite crowded with visitors during the late summer months…

mykonos greecemykonos greece

…but the overall atmosphere is still very calm

chicken gyros mykonos greece

Street food is a must in Mykonos – try the legendary gyros from Jimmy’s!

mykonos windmillsmykonos jimmy'smykonos choramykonos choramykonos choramykonos choramykonos choramykonos chora




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