Napa Valley

napa valley road tripnapa valley chardonnay

Napa Valley is perfect for a quick getaway from San Francisco. After just an hour’s drive you find yourself in a completely different setting, with rolling hills covered in lush vines on both sides of the road.

napa valley californianapa valley vineyardnapa valley cellar

The area has several vineyards that welcome guests for wine tastings in their cellars

napa valley napa valleynapa valley luxury wedding show

The Napa Valley Luxury Wedding Show is an event I never thought I would attend, but somehow I had the misfortune of staying at a hotel that hosted this prestigious event, and suddenly found myself surrounded by gaudy wedding paraphernalia and anxious bridezillas.

The lavish event was an explosion of feathers and tulle and all things gilded and tacky. There was also live music by wedding band hopefuls, a very delicious wedding cake tasting and a fantastic photo booth. At the end of the day I found myself actually enjoying the event far more than I ever should have, considering the fact that I wasn’t even engaged…

napa valley luxury wedding shownapa valley luxury wedding showmumm napa valley

The acclaimed French champagne house Mumm has a grand vineyard and manor in Napa Valley that offers tours of the grounds, as well as some wonderful tastings of California’s finest sparkling wines.

napa valley vineyard

napa oxbow public market

Oxbow Public Market is a must-see destination for foodies in Napa

napa valley oxbow public marketnapa oxbow public marketnapa californianapa california


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  1. Fantastic post! We live in Napa Valley and you really captured the feeling of the place. Well done! Since you like wine and wine country, we thought you might enjoy our blog: Follow us if you like what you see.


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