naantali finland

This summer was extremely fortunate for me in a multitude of ways. One of those ways was definitely the fact that from early May to early September I stayed put in Finland, finally getting a chance to tour some nearby destinations, rather than the (somehow always more tempting) ones further out.

naantali finlandnaantali finland

Naantali was one of the definite highlights of my summer spent flittering around my native country. The small town has a uniquely charming old town and, being right on the water, a refined nautical atmosphere.

naantali finlandnaantali finland

Naantali’s charming old town is like a maze of wooden buildings

naantali finlandnaantali finland

naantali finland

naantali finlandnaantali finland

The nautical atmosphere of Naantali is at its best in the summer

naantali finlandnaantali finlandnaantali finland

Naantali has some great spas and golf resorts, making sure you never get bored even if you decide to stay for a longer time. The old town itself is filled with cutesy little boutiques, restaurants and galleries.

The oceanfront is filled with great restaurants with outdoor patios, perfect for people watching or enjoying a cold glass of wine while the sun sets into the horizon. I could definitely think of worse ways to spend a summer weekend!

naantali finlandnaantali finlandnaantali finland


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