Last Days of Summer in Mykonos


The last days of summer are a magical time. Each golden sunset seems even more beautiful and each hot summer night even more visceral, because it’s the last of its kind – at least until next summer.

This year I ended my summer with a bang, a big bang, on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos.

mykonos greecemykonos greece

Late summer in the Greek islands can conjure up a variety of images, most of them so iconic that they’ve become clichéd, but no less true: chalky white buildings with the window panes painted blue; glistening turquoise waters and the hot summer sun; complete relaxation under a swaying palm tree.

One of those things did not come true on my trip to Mykonos. Granted, I do feel relaxed in the way that I imagine single-celled organisms feel relaxed. My brain is completely incapable of forming any coherent thoughts, so my worries are definitely out of the picture, as is most of my so-called intellect and self-respect.

mykonos ornosmykonos ornos

I’ve never felt quite as exhausted. It’s actually taken a week to not have every inch of my body ache. I still have most of the mysterious cuts and bruises I collected during the trip, but I’m slowly feeling less like I’m just an empty shell of a man. Actually I’m starting to almost feel like a human again.

Mykonos is a party islands, it truly is. This trip quickly became an odyssey into the wild nights and somehow even wilder days on the beautiful, insane and never-ending party called Mykonos.

mykonosmykonos ornos beachmykonos beach partymykonos ornos beach

mykonos ornosmykonos ornosmykonos blanc poolmykonos ornos

We danced on tables, we danced on poles, we danced on a boat, we danced until sunrise. Repeatedly.

mykonos yachtingyachting mykonos greece

Taking a dip while yachting around the island’s ruggedly beautiful coastline


The island has idyllic scenes and pockets of calm, for those moments when you just can’t party anymore

mykonos choramykonos chora

The main town on Mykonos, Chora, is especially beautiful… and very Greek

mykonos pool partymykonos pool party

There were a lot of wonderful moments that stand out for me.

Losing my underwear to the strong winds while returning to shore after a sunny day on a yacht. Skinny dipping in a pool that was far less private than I first thought. Meeting interesting new people from all over the world, making brief and meaningful connections. Accidentally crashing a Greek wedding at a tavern on the beach, dancing with my toes in the sand and a bottle of ouzo in hand.

mykonos nightlife greek weddingmykonos nightlife greek wedding

I may never completely recover, but it was definitely worth it.


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