Summering in Tuscany

tuscany italy toscana

I’ve always loved the word summering. Making a verb of a specific season feels so 1980s nouveau riche, sort of like peppering your English sentences with some French or Italian phrases to seem more cultured. It feels like the kind of thing that you can’t really do at home. You can’t summer just anywhere. You have to go somewhere fabulous to do it. And Tuscany is perfect for summering.

tuscany italy toscanacastle tuscany italytuscan villa italy pool

Summers in Tuscany are elegant and laid-back. They’re wine and pasta. They’re narrow alleys in small villages and rolling hills covered in vines. Green more than you could ever imagine. Small trattorias with amazingly fresh and tasty dishes, old castles and sunsets and maybe some more wine. The smell of lavender in the evening air and the heat of the sun on your cheeks. Summers in Tuscany are fantastic.

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tuscany italytuscany italy
greve in chianti italyradda in chianti toscana italytuscany italytuscany italy

tuscany italytuscan wines italy wine tasting

candialle toscana italy

tuscany italy toscana chianti

tuscany italytuscany italy
italy tuscanyitaly tuscany summeritaly tuscanytuscany italytuscan villa italytuscany italy toscana


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