Outdoor Films at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

hollywood forever cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a luxuriously lush area in Los Angeles. It’s so pretty you almost forget that it’s an actual cemetery; there are bodies buried beneath this paradise. As the name suggests, many Hollywood greats have been buried here. Rudolph Valentino, Cecil B. Demille and Victor Fleming have all found their final home in Hollywood Forever.

Unlike most cemeteries, this one isn’t a sombre place for friends and relatives to pay their respect to loved ones that have passed on. No, Los Angeles does things a bit differently. Here they charge you $15 as an entrance fee, get a DJ to play some music and spend summer Saturdays showing classic Hollywood films.

hollywood los angeles

cinespia hollywood forever cemetery

It may sound a bit confusing or even somewhat disrespectful, but in reality these events are an homage to those that have passed and the history they’ve made. The cemetery doesn’t have much lights, so the omnipresent light pollution of the city isn’t as strong here as it is everywhere else. As night falls, the skies are clear above the cemetery, with stars twinkling up in the skies while the earthly remains of other stars are laying beneath the ground. Cinespia‘s movie nights at Hollywood Forever Cemetery are a surreal and unique experience that really pinches the atmosphere of the city into a neat little package. This is all so LA.

los angeles hollywood


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