A Night at Chiltern Firehouse

chiltern firehouse londonchiltern firehouse london

Chiltern Firehouse exploded onto the scene in 2014, courtesy of famed hotelier and restaurateur André Balazs. It immediately became the place to see and be seen at in London, attracting everyone from celebrities to athletes and even royalty. It was all so exclusive and far too good for me. I just had to get in.

It wasn’t easy, since the restaurant gathered most of its allure from a certain mystique and air of exclusivity. On my first call they told me they were booked through for months. On my second call they told me they weren’t taking reservations. But I kept calling, harassing them until they agreed to give me a table.

As I shoved my way through the hordes of paparazzi waiting outside, I really felt like I had accomplished something. Perhaps not as much as the people they were waiting for, but at least I was going in to enjoy a fun night, and not waiting outside with a camera. Photography is strictly not allowed indoors, but I managed to sneak just a few, very grainy, pics on my phone.

chiltern firehouse crab doughnutschiltern firehouse london

The food at the restaurant is amazingly delicious, especially the delectable crab donuts. But that’s not why anyone comes here. The atmosphere is the true star, as well as the fact that you’re very likely to run into someone important in the bathroom… Or at least in the secret basement bar behind the bathroom mirror!

chiltern firehouse garden

I had a truly memorable night at Chiltern Firehouse, I’m sure. I may have overdone the wine since I don’t exactly remember every detail of the later hours of the night, but it was wonderful, I’m sure.



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