Sicilian Delights in Trapani

trapani sicilytrapani sicily

Trapani is a small town on the west coast of Sicily. It’s not so much a destination as it is a stopping point on the way to other, more lively, resorts on the Italian island. But for those seeking a more quiet and authentic spot to spend their days, Trapani is a true jewel amid plastic diamonds.

The town is very calm. In fact, oddly so. At times it can feel like a ghost town, with winding streets totally void of people, and a pressing silence even in the middle of the day. The narrow path along the oceanfront is practical for getting from one end to the other, but it’s not made for leisurely strolls and it’s not filled with tourists enjoying a beer or a gelato along with the wonderful views.

Trapani is not made for tourists, and that is its greatest strength.

sicily trapanitrapani sicilytrapani sicily

You won’t run into crowds in Trapani’s narrow alleys

trapani sicilytrapani sicilytrapani sicily

The city center is the liveliest spot in Trapani

trapani sicilytrapani sicily

trapani sicilytrapani sicily

Trapani is the perfect spot to experience true relaxed island life in Sicily

trapani sicilytrapani sicilytrapani gelatopasta trapanese pesto

Italian cuisine mixes with North African flavors in Sicily

trapani sicily night

Warm summer nights bring locals and the occasional tourists out to dine together

trapani sicily


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