New York, New York

new york city

New York City is like a translucid dream, somehow totally familiar and completely foreign at the same time; often reminiscent of a memory of something you’ve never experienced.

the standard high line nycthe standard high line nycnew york city

We’ve all seen it so many times before. In films and TV, magazines and music videos. In a way it’s as if we’ve all been to New York. But the reality of New York is far more fantastic than any fiction.

the high line nycthe high line park nyc

The High Line is one of my favorite spots in the city

meatpacking district nyc the standard high line nycmeatpacking district nyc new york city lights

New York City is comprised of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. All five boroughs are home to unique neighborhoods, with some of them feeling like miniature cities of their own, and all of them offering something of interest.

There’s the cool and classy Upper East Side, the grungy Lower East Side and Bowery, the bustling SoHo, the hipster chic areas of Williamsburg and Bushwick, Hell’s Kitchen and Harlem, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, as well as ethnic neighborhoods from Little Italy and Chinatown to Koreatown and Little Guyana.

If it exists, you’ll find it in New York City.

brooklyn new york citylong island city new yorkmanhattan new york

New York City’s skyline seen from Long Island City

manhattan new york citynew york city30 rock new york city

Lush greenery at the legendary 30 Rockefeller Plaza

times square nyc

Times Square attacks all senses

manhattan new york citynew york citybrooklyn bridge nyc

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is a great way to get a new vantage point on the city

brooklyn ice cream factory nyc brooklyn heights promenade nycbrooklyn heights promenade nycthe high line nycchelsea new york citycentral park new york city

Central Park is a vast area waiting to be explored

central park new york citycentral park nycmetropolitan museum rooftop nyc

The rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers wonderful installations and great views

fifth avenue manhattan fifth avenue manhattanfriends apartment new york city sockerbit greenwich village nycsockerbit new york city

Greenwich Village lives up to its name, with the neighborhood feeling like a cosy village

babbo new york cityfive pointz nyc

New York is full of fantastic street art

lower east side nyclower east side nyc

The Lower East Side is a relaxed neighborhood full of outdoor flea markets and small dive bars

waverly place new york citymanhattan nyc

rainy new york cityYou can plan a day in New York as much as you want, but the city will always surprise you. Sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not so much. But that’s one of the greatest gifts in life – not knowing what’s going to happen next, not knowing what adventures are waiting just around the corner. You just need to take those steps, get to the corner and be ready.

Because anything can happen.lower east side drag queen


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