California Redwoods

big sur redwoods california

California is an incredible land of plenty, with natural wonders ranging from waterfalls and dolphins along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to forests and prairies and ravage rivers or vast deserts further inland. The numerous natural parks of the state are a wonderful way to explore a nature that is unique to this corner of the world.

big sur california california redwoods big surbig sur california julia pfeiffer burns state park big sur california big sur redwoods california

Giant Redwoods and Sequoia Trees are the tallest and some of the most massive tree species on the planet. These natural skyscrapers seemingly grow without end up into the skies, and can live for up to 3000 years. Many thriving trees in California’s national parks right now are thousands of years old.

Entering one of these forests can be a truly transcendent experience, taking you back in time to a world without modern influence. The air feels incredibly clean and fresh, the babbling brooks are filled with cool fresh water and the tree leaves rustle just the slightest bit in the wind. Incredibly relaxing.

And there’s also a very good chance of running into some wildlife…

wild deer california

A mountain lion frolicking in the forest in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

big sur forest california

big sur redwoods california


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