MoMa PS1’s Warm Up Parties

PS1 MoMa warm up party

Your first instinct on a sunny summer Saturday might not be to head to a museum, but thanks to MoMa PS1, it probably should be. The annex of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, located in Long Island City, organizes an amazing outdoor music series every summer in the inner courtyard of the museum.

ps1 moma warm up nyc

Warm Up combines fresh musical talent with groundbreaking art installations and loads of festival fun. Try some beers from local breweries, explore the art and enjoy the live music, dancing under the sun with other artsy revelers. It’s literally the best possible way to spend a summer Saturday in New York City.

The parties are organized every Saturday, usually from late June until early September. After almost two decades of these legendary parties, they are massively popular, so getting tickets in advance is a good idea.

The parties run from 3pm to 9pm, so you can still make it to bed early… if you want to.

ps1 moma warm up nyc

Ps1 MoMa, 22-25 Jackson Avenue / Long Island City, Queens

long island city new york

manhattan new york

Visiting MoMa PS1 also gives you an excuse to explore Long Island City and it’s views of Manhattan


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