Sailing to Saint Tropez

saint tropez ramatuelle

We’re on a mission. Our group of nine has come to the French Riviera to celebrate my best friend’s bachelorette party. Over breakfast this morning, still at our rented villa in Juan-les-Pins, previously owned by Pablo Picasso, we were all excitedly talking about how this would be the best day of our lives.

Now we have to actually make that happen.

sailing french riviera


The sail towards Saint-Tropez seems to take forever, but that’s perfect, because being on this boat is perfect. With every glass of wine the waves seem more and more mellow and I go deeper and deeper into a state of complete relaxation and pure happiness.

ramatuelle beach french riviera


We finally arrive at Saint-Tropez’s Ramatuelle Beach and the famous Nikki Beach Club, only to discover that nobody else is having quite as much fun as we are. I was expecting a wild pool party and instead I’m greeted with a scattering of old men dipping their toes into an empty pool, no party in sight.

In the end that doesn’t really matter, as we make our own party, ending up in a very French beach bar where the owner – for reasons still unknown to me – shows us her breasts between shots of limoncello. With my third limoncello in hand, I hear the others yelling from a little rubber dinghy that looks like it’s about to capsize in the swell just off the beach. We’re all supposed to be on that dinghy-of-death, heading back to our boat, but a few of us were lured by the limoncello into forgetting all such plans.

After a very quick emptying of our glasses we all run to the dinghy, getting very wet in the waves while doing so, and return to the safety of our boat with wet bums. The crew is ready to take us back to the villa, and we can just relax and pop open one more bottle of wine.

sailing french riviera chateau miravalsailing french riviera

I’m not sure if it’s the copious amounts of wine or the clean ocean air or the great company, but the return trip towards Juan-les-Pins is euphoric. I can’t remember a single worry I’ve ever had in my life, instead I’m surrounded by a soft and safe bliss.sailing french riviera


The wine may have had something to do with the euphoric trip back…

sailing french riviera

…but this really was the best day of our lives


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