Istanbul’s Trendy Karaköy

karaköy istanbul

Istanbul’s cool an gritty Karaköy district is one of the most interesting areas in a city full of unique neighborhoods. The old industrial buildings, abandoned factories and bleak alleys have been transformed into a colorful and lively neighborhood with a warm heart.

karaköy istanbuldandin bakery karaköy istanbulistanbul karaköy

The streets are lined with fantastic restaurants and pop-up cafés with outdoor patios. Small bakeries serve local delicacies and bars entertain young bobo customers late into the night. New galleries seem to open every day, and street art has a very strong presence.

istanbul karaköykaraköy istanbul

The ruggedly beautiful neighborhood lies just along the Bosphorus, by the legendary Galata Bridge. Ferries departing from the edge of Karaköy are a fun way to reach other spots in the city. And if you want to stay in Karaköy, the waterfront is a great place for some people watching!

istanbul bosphorus


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  1. I loved Karaköy, it was great that the guy who owned the hostel where we stayed suggested we go 😀 Hmm.. can’t think of anything I didn’t love in Istanbul except the guys trying to get you into their restaurant or shop 😂


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