The Standard: A Hollywood Classic

the standard hotel hollywood

The Standard Hollywood is like a true Hollywood dream, translucent and somewhat incoherent, but very pretty to look at. The hotel is decked in clean shades of blue and white, but the atmosphere is far from monochromatic – this Hollywood legend has a very colorful spirit.

Located on the iconic Sunset Strip, the boutique hotel was opened in 1999 with help from some famous investors including Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz. The picture-perfect hotel, with its insanely blue astroturf and bright turquoise pool has been a setting for many Hollywood productions including a few episodes of Sex and the City as well as the more recent film Knight of Cups.
the standard hotel hollywoodthe standard hollywood

the standard hotel hollywood

the standard hollywood los angeles

Plastic is Fantastic in West Hollywood, and the hotel is clearly a product of its environment. The decor is intentionally artificial, with endless shiny surfaces and insane amounts of plastic. The rooms have shiny silver beanbag chairs, see-through curtains and even more shades of blue, so it’s basically like living in a Lana del Rey video, or a 1990s nightmare, but in a good way.

The hotel has a strong anything goes mentality. It’s only for guests 21 and over, so no children running around here. The employees are all so much cooler than most guests ever could be. And behind the reception desk there’s a large fish tank, only this one has a human being inside. Everything is over the top, but in the best possible way.

the standard hotel hollywood

the standard hotel hollywood

The breakfast of kings at The Standard Hollywood

the standard hotel hollywood

The Standard Hollywood, 8300 Sunset Boulevard / West Hollywood

hollywood los angeles

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