piemonte piedmont italybarolo cuneo italy

The Northern Italian region of Piemonte or Piedmont is famous for its excellent wines, especially the prestigious Barolo, named after one of the prettiest villages in the region. This beautiful small village is perched high atop a hill, surrounded by an ocean of emerald green vineyards.

barolo italy vineyardsbarolo italy

The rich winemaking history of the region is ever present in the day to day life of the village. Most streets open up to fantastic views of the surrounding valleys and hills, and if you happen upon a cobblestoned alley without that particular view, you’re sure to run into some enotecas where you can sample the local wines in an idyllic and rustic atmosphere. Most wine cellars also serve fantastic food!

vineyards piemontebarolo italybarolo italy piemonte

Barolo is pretty as a picture, but also very small. It’s easy to get lost in the atmospheric alleys and the decidedly old-fashioned feel of the place, but perhaps not for long.

Luckily there’s another beautiful village on the next hill over!

barolo italy

La Morra is located very close to Barolo and the scenery surrounding it is equally beautiful. The atmosphere continues to be charming, and La Morra also has the area’s best restaurant, Bovio (Villa Alba 17). The food and drinks are incredible and the scenery from the restaurant’s terrace are astonishing.

barolo italybovio la morra italy

piemonte italia


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